Gavin Newsom thinks the solution to the terrorist attack in San Bernardino is more gun control.

Newsom wants to:
  • Render your firearms unusable It would force you to submit to seizure of your legally-purchased magazines to the government.
  • Extort you into paying
    unncessary fees
    It would also cause long wait times to purchase ammunition, a move designed to strip you of your ability to use your legal firearms.
  • Criminalize law-abiding citizens Newsom's initiative would discourage cooperation with law enforcement instead of supporting our officers.
  • Divert law enforcement resources Gavin Newsom's initiative would divert law enforcement from fighting real crime — forcing resources to be spent unecessarily on otherwise law-abiding citizens.


"The focus of efforts to reduce gun violence in this state should be on those responsible for that violence, not those that have no intent to do harm."

-California State Sheriffs' Association


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This measure will create a new class of criminals out of those that already comply with common sense practices.

California State Sheriffs' Association

Californians already know gun restrictions don't deter criminals or terrorists.

Michele Hanisee, LA Deputy District Attorney

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