Gavin Newsom is the worst governor in America, failing on every important issue facing the state. From homelessness, to crime, to the economy, to energy, to government spending, to mandates and lockdowns, Gavin Newsom’s policies have been a disaster. He has ruled with hubris and arrogance, driving nearly a million Californians to leave the once-golden state. Now Newsom is positioning himself to run for president.


Gavin Newsom locked down public schools in California but the private school where he sends his own kids to class largely remained open.

Moving With Their Feet

Over 700,000 California have left the state under Gavin Newsom’s watch, fed up with his failures, incompetence and arrogance. The moving company U-Haul reports that for the last three years of Newsom’s governorship, California led the nation in one-way moves out of the state.


Gavin Newsom bragged as mayor of San Francisco that he would end chronic homelessness within ten years. Today, as Governor, half the nation’s unhoused are in California.


Newsom personally led statewide ballot campaigns to empty prisons and jails and reduce criminal penalties for serious offenses. This has resulted in countless deaths in communities across California. Victims of these crimes often live in poor neighborhoods and are predominantly people of color.

Bank Bailouts

Newsom personally lobbied federal officials to bail out Silicon Valley Bank to protect billionaires and wealthy tech companies that were major customers of the bank. According to news reports, at least three wine companies that Newsom owns were also clients of Silicon Valley Bank. Newsom never disclosed his conflict of interest to federal regulators.


During the pandemic, millions of Californians waited months for legitimate unemployment assistance from Gavin Newsom’s Employment Development Department. The agency could not even answer phone calls or acknowledge emails, let alone assist consumers inquiring about their claims. Meanwhile, Newsom’s EDD team sent billions of dollars in fraudulent payments to prisoners and fraudsters from other states and countries. This is just the tip of the iceberg of incompetence under Gavin Newsom.

COVID Hypocrisy

Newsom grandiosely directed Californians to avoid socializing and wear masks indoors, and then flouted his own directives to dine indoors, maskless, with top lobbyists at one of the swankiest and most expensive restaurants in the country.  “It’s hard to say which was more astounding, the hypocrisy or the hubris” said a New York Times writer.